Sarah (0netrickpony) wrote,

How is it that I don't get sick in the winter...but I've been ill twice this summer?

Rachael got mad drunk last night and lost her wallet, which contained my health card. Luckily someone found it and called this morning. Relief!

I left work early yesterday. Cancelled all plans, declined all invites and basically slept myself in to mediocre health. Christine and Neil ended up coming over around 10 or 11pm because Neil had a book of mine, and then they cut some stencils at my place and left.

Now they're going to get sick too...buahaha.

Where now is Karnak, that great fane?
With granite built a miracle
And Luxor smooth without a stain
Whose graven scriptures still we spell

The owl and the jackal may tell
Dark snakes among the ruins climb
Like an echo in a shell
Where are the cities of old time?
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